Who I Am

myselfI’m in love with code since I was 14. In these years I committed a lot of mistakes and learned many things. The first is: remember to create a repo and commit before delete a single line.

Full-Stack developer, focused on .NET technologies. I started with some scripting languages like PHP and Python the I abandoned them for many years. I’m trying to rescue my Python skills playing with Dynamo, 3D graphics and artificial intelligence. Obviusly I’m talking about IronPython. What about PHP? I buried it alive.

What else can a Full-Stack do? I’ve some skills with Azure and Application Insights. Just the basic to run a decent AppService. My database skills are limited to SQLServer and the old MySql- bot SQL and T-SQL – while I prefer the EntityFramework LINQ approach. Now mastering SQLLite for mobile database.


Desktop skills are limited to WPF and Silverlight, who is dead :-(. I’m trying to learn UWP but I’m stuck on the Windows 8 SDK.

I’m in love with XAML, SOAP and XML in general: can’t figure out why REST services have lived too long. These are the days of the mess of weak types… Loving Linq, Razor and VSTO too. Currently I work with ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.

Where is JavaScript? Yes, I work with JavaScript too. I started before all the frameworks stuff – so I don’t know nothing about the babel of frameworks. We can talk about jQuery and Angular. Nothing else.

Yep, I’m Italian. I hope my English is decent:|